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Cape York (DVD)


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Ocean of Divinity

by Alex Listengort

In this edition are presented the works by Alex Listengort, written in a period of time from autumn-2008 to May-2013. Here the reader may see a circulation of different topics, of questions and answers, embodied in Poems. These pieces of arts do bless and fill up with a special energy that is familiar to every living creature and that brings peace, eternity, divine presence and miracle of life in all its forms.

TREK2005 - Cape York



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The re-release of TREK2005 - Cape York the DVD is now avalable from AussieQal.

TREK2005 Cape York is a film featuring a group of 4wd adventurers Trekking their way from Brisbane to the top of Australia, Cape York. Promoting the Leukaemia Foundation along the way, this is a Great little movie with an excellent soundtrack from various artists that Everyone should see. AussieQal is committed to Donating $10 from each DVD sold the Leukaemia Foundation.

Only $26.95 at AussieQal

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