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Here you will find fantastic deals from some of the best fashion brand names around, take advantage of shopping with the brands you can trust, proudly brought to you by

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How to care for Leather

A smart investment that will never date, leather adds instant elegance to any look and with proper care, will last you a lifetime


Start off by wiping your jacket down with a soft damp cloth to clean off any obvious dirt and grime. Then apply a leather cleaner using a soft cloth. Be careful to rub the product completely in to avoid leaving any marks.


A leather jacket should be conditioned at least once every year to keep the leather supple, and prevent it from drying or cracking.

Apply a recommended leather conditioning product using a soft dry cloth.

Use only sparingly to leave a very thin, even coat over the leather surface.


Got caught in the rain?

A wet or damp jacket should never be stored or hung away with other clothes. Before hanging a wet leather jacket up to dry, wipe away any excess water and water spots with a soft, dry cloth.

Once the jacket is completely dry, apply a coat of leather conditioner to keep the material soft and supple.